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The Incoherency Syndrome: GOP

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You cannot construct a coherent policy model for the Republican Party’s policies over the past two years…

From Ezra Klein. Find me a coherent Republican platform and I’ll show you Sarah Palin’s gay, San Franciscan fans. Who are also simultaneously socialist.

Written by Will

August 5th, 2010 at 9:01 am

Obama’s Socialist Indoctrinaction Speech to Our Children

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“No, I don’t,” said Greer. “But I would anticipate, based on this President being so vocal and so aggressive about his vision of America, where government is in every aspect of our lives, I believe that the speech that he was gonna give, based on the lesson plans, is different.”

That was Jim Greer in response to a question asking for proof of his claims by CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux. Greer, the Florida GOP Chair, last week lambasted Pres. Obama’s upcoming address to schoolchildren as socialist indoctrination. He recently became more receptive to the speech when the full text was released.

I would have liked Malveaux to then respond, “Yes Jim, a belief that is completely divorced from reality befitting your absurd point of view.”

Written by Will

September 8th, 2009 at 1:35 am